Jurlique Organic Skincare

The finest certified organic skincare available. Founded by a chemist and horticulturist, Jugen Klein and his wife Ulrike.

The power of Jurlique comes straight from the earth. We source our ingredients from our own self-sustaining biodynamic farm in South Australia. We are able to maintain the highest nutrient value and assure the quality, consistency and efficacy of our formulas for the most transforming skin benefits.

We use a unique precision science, instead of mass-producing artificial chemicals and synthetics. From farm to bottle, we grow, process, and formulate pure, potent treatments that render our skin more vibrant and healthy looking.

Our bio-instrincic process utilizes a three-step extraction method to capture the highest concentration of nutrients from the entire plant - nourishing our skin with genuinely beneficial ingredients in dynamic formulas made possible by Jurlique.

Jurlique Organic Signature Steps

Every Jurlique facial treatment includes signature steps to ensure the experience is truly unique. Aromatic Scalp Message, Aromatherapeutic Compressing, the "press-release" action to apply products and balancing the skin with our Herbal Recovery Mist. Indulge in the wonderful healthy skin experience.