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Color Analysis

What is Personal Color Analysis?

Personal Color Analysis is the scientific analysis of an individual's coloring in order to discover their personal color tone.

How is Personal Color Analysis Done?

Personal Color Analysis is accomplished by observing and comparing effects created on the skin by different adjacent colors. Test colors, typically in the form of colored fabric scarves, are draped on the client's shoulders and under the client's chin.

The Benefits of Color Analysis

The benefits of an accurate personal color analysis is important to one's self, promoting the benefits of beauty, harmony, balance and wellness. Once a personal color tone is identified, the colors of your cosmetics, hair color, and accessories can be brought into harmony for a younger, healthier, more self–assured image.

Season Color Analysis VS. 12 Tone Color Analysis

Seasonal Color Analysis was introduced in the early 80's by Carole Jackson with her book, "Color Me Beautiful". Seasonal Color Analysis is based on impressionist painters during the 1800's who taught the importance of seasons color tones as well as the understanding of human "subjective timber" or personal color tone.

12 Tone Color Analysis

Over two–thirds of the human skin tones fall into a neutral category and are missed with Seasonal Color Analysis. The 12 Tone Color Analysis has been refined and expanded to include all of the human skin tones. These 12 tones are more precise and beautifully encompass the full range of nationalities.