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Murad Professional

Only Murad® Professional products, featuring Immuno-Skin Complex,™ send your skin a unique instant message that encourages skin to produce more collagen and elastin so it’s stronger, firmer and more radiant—just like young skin. Activating Cleansing Emulsion, Immuno-Skin Age Inhibitor,™ Daily Moisture Charge™ SPF 30 and Nightly Hydro-Lock™ work together to boost your skin’s defense against the factors of aging.

Immuno-Skin Complex™

During the aging process, immune function declines dramatically, adversely affecting the skin’s ability to repair and defend itself. This leaves skin vulnerable to damage due to prolonged stress, UV exposure, poor nutrition, pathogens, toxic substances and unhealthy lifestyle.

When young, healthy skin is assaulted, both epidermal and dermal cells are triggered to defend and repair skin damage. The skin is flooded with a complex of cytokines and growth factors, which function as “messenger molecules” to stimulate cellular proliferation and restore normal skin function.

As we age, however, our immune system’s ability to respond to ongoing assaults declines.

Dr. Murad’s pioneering research into skin immunity has led to the discovery of a breakthrough bio-peptide which he has incorporated within the Immuno-Skin Complex™ that re-invigorates skin’s natural defense mechanisms. The immune modulators in Immuno-Skin Complex™ actually stimulate cellular activity, boosting keratinocyte, epidermal and fibroblast growth factors, all vital for young skin. Because of its remarkable power to repair and protect, Dr. Murad calls Immuno-Skin Complex™ a topical “vaccine against aging.”

Intensive Wrinkle Reducer® for Eyes
Intense resurfacing, safe and gentle enough for the delicate eye area, with the proven results of Intensive Wrinkle Reducer® to fight stubborn crow’s feet.
1.0 FL. OZ. 30 mL

Intensive Wrinkle Reducer®
A scientific breakthrough that achieves intense resurfacing without the irritation normally associated with this process.
1.0 FL. OZ. 30 mL

Daily Eye Lift
Targeted concentrate immediately relaxes fine lines around the vulnerable eye area, helping to firm and tighten over time.
0.5 FL. OZ. 15 mL

Daily Moisture Charge® SPF 30
Multi-active cream immerses skin with intense moisture and protects against UVA/UVB induced DNA skin cell damage.
1.7 FL. OZ. 50 mL

Nightly Hydro-Lock®
Nourishing cream infuses surface cells with moisture during the nightly repair cycle, helping to smooth away the existing signs of aging.
1.7 FL. OZ. 50 mL

Immuno-Skin Age Inhibitor®
High potency, peptide-based formula activates the skin’s fight against aging, helping to improve firmness and elasticity.
1.0 FL. OZ. 30 mL

Activating Cleansing Emulsion
Oxygen-activated, foaming cleanser gently lifts dirt and impurities from the epidermis leaving pores cleansed and refined.
3.4 FL. OZ. 100 mL